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The Cast of “Cat in the Hat”: A Look at the Actors Behind the Beloved Characters

cat in the hat cast

The “Cat in the Hat” is a beloved children’s book written by Dr. Seuss, first published in 1957. The story follows the mischievous and whimsical cat as he visits two children, Sally and her brother, on a rainy day. The book has been adapted into various forms of media, including a 2003 live-action film starring Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat. In this article, we will take a closer look at the cast of the “Cat in the Hat” and the actors who brought these iconic characters to life.

The Cat in the Hat: Mike Myers

Mike Myers is a Canadian actor, comedian, and writer, best known for his roles in the “Austin Powers” and “Shrek” franchises. In 2003, he took on the role of the mischievous and energetic Cat in the Hat in the live-action adaptation of the book. Myers’ portrayal of the Cat in the Hat was praised for its energy and humor, but also received criticism for straying too far from the original character created by Dr. Seuss.

Despite the mixed reviews, Myers’ performance as the Cat in the Hat was a box office success, grossing over $134 million worldwide. He brought his own unique spin to the character, incorporating his signature comedic style and improvisation skills. Myers also provided the voice for the Cat in the Hat in the video game adaptation of the film.

Sally and Her Brother: Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin

Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin played the roles of Sally and her brother, respectively, in the 2003 film. Fanning was already a well-established child actress at the time, having appeared in films such as “I Am Sam” and “War of the Worlds.” Breslin, on the other hand, was just starting his acting career, with “Cat in the Hat” being one of his first major roles.

Fanning and Breslin’s chemistry as siblings was praised by critics, and their performances were considered one of the highlights of the film. They brought a sense of innocence and wonder to their characters, perfectly capturing the spirit of the original book. Both actors have continued to have successful acting careers, with Fanning receiving critical acclaim for her roles in films such as “The Runaways” and “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” and Breslin appearing in films like “The Santa Clause 2” and “The Happening.”

Joan Walden: Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston played the role of Joan Walden, the mother of Sally and her brother, in the 2003 film. Preston was a well-known actress, having appeared in films such as “Jerry Maguire” and “Twins.” Her performance as Joan was praised for its warmth and charm, and she brought a sense of stability to the chaotic household.

Tragically, Preston passed away in 2020 after a battle with breast cancer. Her performance in “Cat in the Hat” remains one of her most beloved roles and a testament to her talent as an actress.

Lawrence Quinn: Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin played the role of Lawrence Quinn, the villainous next-door neighbor of Sally and her brother, in the 2003 film. Baldwin is a well-known actor, with a career spanning over four decades and multiple award-winning performances. His portrayal of Lawrence was praised for its over-the-top and comedic nature, adding to the overall zaniness of the film.

Baldwin’s performance as Lawrence was a departure from his usual dramatic roles, and he embraced the opportunity to play a larger-than-life character. He brought a sense of fun and energy to the role, making him a memorable and entertaining antagonist.

Q&A: Who was the original voice of the Cat in the Hat?

The original voice of the Cat in the Hat was provided by Allan Sherman in the 1971 animated television special. Sherman was a comedian and songwriter, best known for his parody songs such as “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.” He also provided the voice for the Cat in the Hat in the 1973 animated television special, “Dr. Seuss on the Loose.”


The cast of the “Cat in the Hat” brought their own unique talents and personalities to the beloved characters from the book. While the 2003 film received mixed reviews, the performances of the actors were widely praised and helped bring the story to life for a new generation. From Mike Myers’ energetic and comedic portrayal of the Cat in the Hat to Kelly Preston’s warm and loving performance as Joan, each actor added their own special touch to the film. The “Cat in the Hat” will continue to be a beloved story for generations to come, and the talented cast will always be remembered for their contributions to this timeless classic.

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