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The Cat Kid Comic Club: A Fun and Educational Way to Encourage Reading in Children

cat kid comic club

The love for reading is a gift that parents can give to their children. It opens up a world of imagination, knowledge, and creativity. However, getting children to read can be a challenge, especially in this digital age where screens and gadgets are more appealing to them. This is where the Cat Kid Comic Club comes in – a fun and educational way to encourage reading in children.

What is the Cat Kid Comic Club?

The Cat Kid Comic Club is a book series created by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of the popular children’s book series, Captain Underpants and Dog Man. It follows the adventures of Li’l Petey, a cat with superpowers, and his friends as they create their own comic books and learn valuable lessons along the way.

The first book in the series, “Cat Kid Comic Club,” was released in December 2020 and quickly became a New York Times bestseller. It has since been followed by a second book, “Cat Kid Comic Club: From the Creator of Dog Man,” released in March 2021.

The Cat Kid Comic Club has gained popularity among children for several reasons:

  • Engaging and relatable characters: The characters in the book are quirky, funny, and relatable to children. They face everyday challenges and learn important lessons, making them easy for children to connect with.
  • Comic book format: The use of comic book format in the series makes it visually appealing and easier for children to follow the story. It also encourages them to create their own comics, sparking their creativity and imagination.
  • Humor and silliness: The books are filled with humor and silliness that children love. It keeps them entertained and engaged, making it easier for them to stay focused and interested in reading.
  • Encourages reading and writing: The Cat Kid Comic Club not only promotes reading but also encourages children to write their own stories and comics. This helps improve their literacy skills and boosts their confidence in expressing themselves through writing.

The Impact of the Cat Kid Comic Club

The Cat Kid Comic Club has had a positive impact on children, parents, and educators alike. It has been praised for its ability to make reading fun and engaging for children, especially those who struggle with traditional books. It has also been recognized for its educational value in teaching children important life lessons and promoting creativity and literacy skills.

According to a survey conducted by Scholastic, 86% of teachers reported that the Cat Kid Comic Club has helped improve their students’ reading skills, and 88% of students said they enjoyed reading the books. Parents have also noticed a positive change in their children’s attitude towards reading, with many reporting that their children are now more excited to read and write.

How Can Parents and Educators Use the Cat Kid Comic Club?

The Cat Kid Comic Club can be used in various ways to encourage reading and learning in children:

  • Read-aloud sessions: Parents and educators can read the books aloud to children, making it a fun and interactive activity. This can also help children who struggle with reading to follow along and understand the story.
  • Book clubs: Forming a book club with other children and discussing the books can help promote social skills and critical thinking in children.
  • Writing activities: Children can be encouraged to write their own comics or stories inspired by the Cat Kid Comic Club. This can help improve their writing skills and boost their creativity.
  • Incorporating lessons: The books cover important lessons such as friendship, teamwork, and perseverance. Parents and educators can use these lessons to spark discussions and teach children valuable life skills.


The Cat Kid Comic Club is more than just a book series – it is a tool that parents and educators can use to encourage reading and learning in children. With its engaging characters, humor, and educational value, it has become a favorite among children and has proven to be an effective way to promote literacy skills and creativity. So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to get your child to read, the Cat Kid Comic Club is definitely worth checking out.

Question and Answer

Q: How can the Cat Kid Comic Club benefit children?

A: The Cat Kid Comic Club can benefit children in various ways, such as promoting reading and writing skills, teaching important life lessons, and sparking creativity and imagination.

Q: Can the Cat Kid Comic Club be used in classrooms?

A: Yes, the Cat Kid Comic Club can be used in classrooms as a fun and educational tool to promote reading and learning in children. It can also be incorporated into lesson plans to teach important life skills and improve literacy skills.

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